Terms and Conditions

Backyard Pollinator LogoWe trust your package will arrive in good shape and you are happy with your purchase. Your products will be shipped as advertised.

We expect you will see bee action for part of the summer season and hope our product, with your careful planning, will be a success.

We sell a first-rate product but it does have a seasonal shelf life. We can only keep larvae on hand until August 1st as loose cocoons and until June 1st as larvae in nesting blocks. In June and July Backyard Pollinator products will come with loose cocoons.

Leafcutter bee larvae are a live product and have the potential to perish. We have advertised larvae which includes dead larvae.

Larvae are deemed controllable for legal purposes. Flying bees are wild insects and are uncontrollable.

From the time your product leaves our warehouse we can no longer take responsibility for your package. Everything that happens from this time is in the trust of others and out of our control.

Because of export certificates and third parties dealing with your purchase, the purchase to arrival time for your Backyard Pollinator products could be longer than expected.

Your larvae are top quality and come directly from our farm. We are certified chalk brood free and have a minimal parasite count and therefore cannot take our products back due to quarantine reasons.

For the above reasons we cannot issue refunds but please contact us if you have concerns.

Backyard Pollinators accepts no liable for or to the end user of the product. The purchaser accepts the product as is and assumes all liability and risk of use.